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"ladyjean" is a professional freelance writer/editor and graphic artist with over 30 years experience in the field of journalism. She was able to retire in the mid-1990s to enjoy pursuing her personal online and offline interests in a rural location in the US, but she has recently gone back to writing for a number of national publications and building a variety of new websites. As a member of the Baby Boomer generation, ladyjean became a full-fledged Beatlemaniac on February 7, 1964, when The Beatles first arrived in America. She has closely followed the career of John Lennon over his lifetime and in the 20 years since his passing.
ladyjean circa 1969
ladyjean (circa 1969)

In November 1999, ladyjean founded Absolute Elsewhere, a private Lennon internet club, to share her vast Lennon and Beatles knowledge/collection with others who love and admire John Lennon.

In describing the club, ladyjean says:
"On September 15, 2001, the original Absolute Elsewhere club became an archive of over 200 theme-based photo albums and text resources. It is no longer a discussion forum. The heart and soul of the resources of that club will now find a home on the AbsoluteElsewhere.net website.

"Here is a sample of the kind of goodies you can expect to see added to AbsoluteElsewhere.net in the coming weeks and months: One of the Sunday Features was a photo archive featuring photos from John and Paul’s Apple promotion trip to New York in 1968; another Sunday Feature was a photo album of John and Yoko at the Grammys in 1975. There is an archive about John's time in India (which includes a copy of a beautiful handwritten letter he wrote while he was there). There are several photo archives that include extremely rare photos of the 'early Beatles' (the pre-Cavern, pre-Beatlemania days). Other major features are the Lennon Interview Archives, the Beatles Articles Archive; the Lennon Articles Archive, and the Beatles/Lennon History Archive, which features expanded 'On this day' info.

The purpose of AbsoluteElsewhere.net is:

1) To bring informative articles and essays about the life of John Lennon to a wide audience of readers who wish to learn more about the man behind the music. A number of talented writers will be represented on the site, providing a wealth of knowledge and individual thought about the many fascinating aspects of Lennon's personality and creative gifts.

As Editor and Manager of the site, I will offer my own original articles about many different aspects of John's life. And I plan to offer a series of exclusive interviews with some of the key people who have had a part in the "Lennon story."

2) To offer a vast array of archives and theme-based photo albums dedicated to preserving the Lennon legacy for generations to come. I hope these will be entertaining for young and old alike.

I will also create some special Lennon features to better illustrate the life and times of one of the greatest visionaries of the 20th century.

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